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PU Sandwich garage door panel

▲The density of the garage door panel is 40kg/m2. which could otter high thermal efficiency and sound insulation to your garage door.

▲The thickness is 40mm, which make the garage door panol has excellent mechanical properties, the size is stable, even under low temperature the panels strength will not change: the panels long term heat resistance temperatures are between-60℃-+100℃.

▲There are internal roinforce steel plate( 1.0mm thick.and 16mm width)pro-laid along the panel at the joints,so the hinges could be fasten strongly on the panel to ensure the longtime service life.And also because of that the panel could be cut at any size to assembly doors with different sizes.

▲There is one rubber seal at panel panel joints which will stop the heat transferring to avoid the acold the “cold-bridge” and keep the energy be inside the garage.

▲The external skins of th© garage door panel are PPGL &teel which will not rust. and the stability of their painting colors meeting 25*30 years using life.

▲There are three kinds of surface texture:Wood grain. Micro-wave and smooth.

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Color options

White color (Ral9016), cream(Ral1015), brown(Ral8017), silver grey (Ral9006), golden oak. black walnut and the stainless steel are the standard colors .

We also offer the special RAL code colors based the MOQ.



Decorating your garage doors with lighting windows can bring fashion designs and perfect lighting into your garages. Various windows designs for your choice. Hoping each design can bring you perfect feelings each day.

Safety features accordance with European standard EN13241-1


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Manual door - single track Automatic door- single track Manual door - rear spring
Automatic door - rear spring
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Manual door 一 doubletrack Automatic door- double tracks Slant horizontal tracks' installing - double tracks