Panoramic Sectional Doors

Panoramic Sectional Doors

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  • Panel
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  • Safety Features


Commercial Aluminum Full View Doors


W5000mm x H5000mm

Opening speed
Closing speed



Shaft- Ø 26mm

Panel thickness

Single or Double transparent PC 3~5mm+aluminium framework 2.0mm

Plating thickness

PC 3~5mm

Wind load

Class 3

Vertical Track and Angle

2.0mm thk folded steel, galvanised before cutting and folding.


Direct or via shaft or sprocket and chain driven by side-mounted motor,IP54

Standard detectors

Safety airbag edge protection.(Option:Infrared barrier: 300 mm from the floor.)


All round rubber sealer

Actuation options

Push Buttons,Remote

Power supply Frequency

220/380v,50-60 Hz

Aluminum Transparents sectional doors offer an attractive solution for commercial and industrial applications where visual access, light infiltration, and aesthetics are key design considerations. Doors offer a variety of stile widths, glazing materials, track styles, and finish options. Ideal for service stations, fire stations, professional facilities, and retail environments, our sectional aluminum doors are practical, durable, and handsomely styled and engineered for long life, low maintenance, and enduring beauty.