Fold Up Doors

Fold Up Doors

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Folding High Speed Door


W6000mm x H6000mm

Opening speed
Closing speed

1m/s settable
0.8m/s settable

Drive Technology

Side guide and Lateral driving belt


Steel-30mm solid steel


Imported material high density PVC1.5mm +Aluminum alloy horizontal Rib+strap



Wind load

Class 2

Side guides and cover

Folded steel, galvanised before cutting and folding. Full covers standard.
Option: stainless steel


Servo motor 1.5~2.2KW,IP54/IP65

Control Box

Circuit breaker, general divider, adjustable timer, push button for opening and reset and emergency stop.  Frequency inverter.

Standard detectors

Infrared barrier: 300 mm from the floor.Wireless detector (WDD),Safety airbag edge protection

Actuation options

Push Buttons,Remote
Close magenet coil,Rfid,Radar(options)

Power supply Frequency

1-phase-220v, 3phase-380v,50-60 Hz

Advised operating

 - 5 °C up to + 45 °C

Fast folding fabric doors are one of our special doors that we offer to customers in very busy places. It has  satisfied our customers who use our door with its comfort and insulation. These doors, which can be used for  many years, are generally used in industry. It allows you to enter and exit easily with fast opening time  without any trouble.

Generally, the PVC fabric door can be used too much due to the  intensity of the work. Therefore, the security of the door is at the  forefront for us. Cutedoor doors do not compromise in terms of security.

Cutedoor are manufactured under CE Standard.